12 Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Discord In 2022

Voice Changer Apps for Discord: Discord is a favorite app in the gamers and streamers world in the past few years; everyone is developing free voice changer apps. Suppose you ask about any traditional streamer, and possibilities are they’ll list using the best Voice Changer Apps for Discord free.

In that case, it is an acceptable way to get viewers and sustain your privacy on your favorite apps. Discord is the most prominent app for voice changers because it hosts multi-feature voice modify and text-based chat with funny stickers. Many people use Voice Changer Apps for Discord free to change their voice while talking on Discord.

Many people use free voice changer apps for privacy purposes, and a few do it just for fun or entertainment. Whatever your goals may be, no one doubts that it’s an outstanding tool to have in your arsenal.

In case you’re querying what the best free voice changer apps for Discord mobile might be, we’ve assessed all the choices and now have a pretty extensive Voice Changer Apps for Discord free list. Each of these has its own different pros and cons, so finally, it’s up to you to decide which is the best free voice changer app for Discord for your use.

Best Free Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Most gamers who use Discord like to play around with their teammates, just for entertainment purposes. They use Voice Changer Apps for Discord free to change their voice in real-time and hide their voices to sound unknown.

Gamers can use multiple voices changing effects and sound like children, adults, robots, or contrary sex members. There are many voice changing apps available, but here in this article, we will focus on the eight best free voice changing apps.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

If you’re fascinated by changing your voice while practicing Discord, here are the eight Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord you can use in 2022:

Voicy: Celebrity Voice Changer

Voicy app

Voicy app: A great way to prank your pals on social media is to pretend to be your favourite celebrity. Try Voicy’s celebrity voice changer app extensive collection of celebrity voice impersonations to sound like a well-known actress or TV personality. The Voicy app makes use of machine learning technology to create more than forty distinct avatars and offers users the chance to try out various voice effects. You must pick a weekly, monthly, or annual membership if you want access to all of Voicy network celebrity voice changer app’s features because the free version of the celebrity voice changer app has restricted functionality.

Video Voice Changer – Fun Editor

Video Voice Changer – Fun Editor

It is simple and requires no effort to change the voices in films that you shoot on your iPhones or iPads. This iOS app lets you record the videos you’ll dub or import them straight from the albums they’re stored in. If you want to dub movies directly from your phone, the Video Voice Changer app is a terrific choice since it allows you to alter the voices in your films so they sound like mice, bears, or ghosts. You may quickly select the voice effect that best suits the video you’re editing because there are more than thirty to choose from.

Video Voice Changer FX

Video Voice Changer FX

Anyone can use this Video Voice Changer FX online app to replace the voices in a video. Simply pick an audio effect you wish to use and upload a video movie from an SD card on your phone. The humorous voices available on the app include options like Chipmunk, Echo, Squirrel, and Space Ship. The app will begin creating a new video that will be stored on your phone as soon as you choose the voice effect you wish to add to a video. It is not possible to post edited videos to social media straight from the Video Voice Changer FX online app.

Squeak Voice Changer

Squeak Voice Changer

If you record your jokes using Squeak Voice Changer apk, they will all sound a little bit funnier when you share them with your internet buddies. Simply hit the Record button and select from the different effects. Choose Jamie the Jolly if you want to sound like you’re at a party or Bruce the Sentimental Bot if you want your voice to sound fake. Squeak Voice Changer online app offers a variety of voice-changing effects, each of which is represented by a different character. You may quickly share any recordings you create using the Squeak Voice Changer online on social media.


voice changer apps for discord

Opposite to what the name suggests, SuperVoiceChanger is a much lightweight tool. I was amazed at the low amount of CPU power it uses considering the amount of deep customization. The quick start selection means that it is easy to use multiple profiles on different channels simultaneously. Overall, SuperVoiceChanger is a viable and user-friendly voice changer apps for Discord.

2. ClownFish

voice changer apps for discord

ClownFish voice changer Discord is free of cost voice changer for Windows that you can use to transform your voice. ClownFish voice changer Discord can be connected at the system level, so any app that uses your microphone can be adjusted to use your changed voice. So, besides Discord, you can utilize ClownFish in apps like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Steam, Hangouts, Skype, etc.

While ClownFish voice changer Discord cannot match the number of voices mods given by apps like VoiceMod, the effects that it does produce are relatively subtle. The effects list include Robot, male, female, and radio, among others. The app is honest to set up and use. If you’re looking for a free of cost voice changer Apps for Discord, this is the right destination for you.

3. Voicemod

voice changer apps for discord

Is Voicemod safe? One of the most in-demand and most reliable voice changer apps you can use on Discord is Voicemod pro free. Not only the service allows you ample different voices, but it also makes it is easy to use. Besides Discord, Voicemod pro free can be used with other voice chat services, including Skype, PUBG, Hangout, Mumble, etc.

Voicemod pro free results too sound more natural than most other voice changer apps that I’ve tried. My most-liked voice mods accommodate the cave, cathedral, maintained, and kong, among others. There are numbers of mods you can keep, so install the app and get your voicemods windows 11.

4. RoboVox Voice Chanager

voice changer apps for discord

I’d have placed RoboVox Voice Changer PC a lot more expensive, but there are some severe privacy issues. Within a few minutes of using the service, I commenced getting targeted ads. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro Windows 10 is one of the few services of any kind where even the paid version doesn’t mean you’ll stop seeing ads.

5. Morphvox Voice Chanager

voice changer apps for discord

Is MorphVox Jr Safe? MorphVox Jr Pro key is a free audio impact device that can change your voice while chatting on Discord. You can utilize the built-in voices influences to sound, like a man, woman, Robot, or other promoted sounds. You can use MorphVox Jr Pro key free of cost voice changer Software to convert your voice from woman to man and vice versa.

MorphVOX Jr Ghostface software interprets your voice to perform the optimal voice change effects to sound as close to normal as you can. However, there are some disadvantages to using this free app. The first drawback is that notifications support MorphVox Jr Pro key.

The second and more significant disadvantage is that it’s not easy to set up to work with Discord, any other Best voice changer software on this list. You should only utilize it if you want supreme sound quality and are ready to spend hours figuring out its set up.

6. Voxal Voice Chanager

voice changer apps for discord

Voxal Voice Changer APK which brings powerful voice changing characteristics. Not entirely, Voxal Voice Changer online lets you record voice in real-time, it allows you to apply results to already recorded voices. When practicing Discord, you can use it in real-time, and there’s no time delay so that you can talk on Voxal Voice Changer online Discord outwardly sounding out of sync.

Is Voxal voice Changer safe? The app has a vast impact library, including a robot, girl, boy, alien, echo, atmospheric, and plenty more. Besides Discord, the app works with all voice chat services, such as Skype, Hangouts, etc. Overall, this is one of the best voice changer apps for Discord.

7. AV Voice Chanager

voice changer apps for discord

Utilizing this av voice changer software free, you can morph and record, cut, and mix, and you can also modify your voice or any of the audio files, both in real-time and in waveform editing. This av voice changer software free is easy to use and enables you to access and modify every aspect of your voice. The modified voice can sound more profound, higher, younger, older, more feminine, masculine, or modified in any way you like; here, you’re in charge of your voice.

8. Skype Voice Chanager

voice changer apps for discord

Skype Voice Changer android is a highly professional-grade voice changer software that you can’t solely use in real-time with assistance like Discord and Twitch but use it to record your morphed voice and direct it in the waveform to make it further real. The software enables you to access and change every characteristic of your voice easily.

Your voice can sound more intense, higher, younger, more feminine, masculine, more robotic, or modified in any way you like. The Skype Voice Changer for mac also comes with high-level virtual driver technology, making it cooperative with most VoIP programs, web-chat apps, and role-playing games. Skype Voice Changer for skype is accessible in three different versions; Gold, Basics, and Diamond, which you can choose from depending on your specifications and budget.

Troll Your Mates and Protect Your Identity with Discord Free Voice Changer Apps:

The Free Voice Changer Apps for Discord are enjoyable to use, and since I’ve commenced using them, I go online on Discord without originating them first. With those Free voice changer apps for Discord, you can have some fun with your friends, and they are fabulous for streamers also, who might want to add some interesting stuff to their streams with these. 

Take the Extra Step for Absolute Privacy:

As I mentioned earlier, Free voice changer app is a fun and somewhat effective way to protect your identity online. However, it is still far from being private and secure if that’s what you’re after.

In that case, only a VPN like Pure VPN will successfully mask your identity while you’re on Discord. Its 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries and AES-256-bit encryption offer users complete assurance about complete privacy while they stream on Discord.

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