Warzone Bunker Codes, Maps & Locations Updated 2024

Do you need Warzone bunker codes and locations to enter Verdansk’s restricted areas? We can help. Call of Duty Warzone update locations is perfect for finding the best park bunker code or hiding out as the zone shrinks.

Some Warzone bunkers demand specific codes, while others require red entry cards. We have all the information you need to access any warzone patch notes. Here you will find all the Warzone pacific, park bunker code, locations, and more. Here’s how to get into Warzone’s secret bunkers.

Are you looking for the hidden Warzone bunker codes? Bunkers are strewn over Verdansk, each containing important loot that can influence the course of a game. Whether you need money, powerful weapons, or killstreak rewards, these bunkers will likely tip the game in your favor.

You may be late to the party, but everyone else in the battle royale game knows about the hidden treasures in these bunkers in warzone update. If you try to open any of these vaults, expect to be attacked by teams of other players on the hunt for game-changing loot.

To increase your chances of opening a bunker early in the game, we recommend playing with a group of friends. In case you missed it, more than half of the bunkers were closed in Season 2. The nuclear bombs lurking beneath these bunkers in warzone patch notes are about to devastate Verdansk.

The new warzone map is said to be inspired by Black Ops Cold War, bringing all three Call of Duty modes into sync.

What Are Warzone Bunkers?

Bunkers have been a huge element of the game and how people play it ever since people first started playing Warzone. Season 3 has altered a lot since the map was given a 1984-themed makeover, which modified a lot of items on the map. Prior to the upgrades, bunkers were effectively gigantic weapon stores scattered over the map. Each bunker had so much great stuff that it was difficult to loot it all on your own, and if you did manage to loot the whole bunker with your squad, you would be armed to the teeth. Additionally, bunkers were employed to suggest forthcoming plot developments and had a certain sense of mystery to them. When Verdansk arrived, the game had 14 bunkers to explore. The first 12 were numbered, and the final two needed some legwork and exploration.

How Do You Unlock Warzone Bunkers?

Things aren’t always as simple as they appear when it comes to unlocking bunkers. Don’t get me wrong, accessing the bunkers is very simple, but the Warzone developers like to continually change things around to keep the gamers guessing, which frequently leads to confusion among the crowds.

Key codes or red access cards are required to open the bunkers. However, certain bunkers are frequently closed, while others require no codes at all. The prize ratio changes across bunkers, but you’ll have to do some investigating to find out which one you’re going to go to and which one you’re going to avoid. All of them are crucial, and you should not be concerned about finding the bunkers because they are not difficult to discover.

Warzone Bunker Codes & New Warzone Map Access

In Warzone, there are a variety of 13 Warzone bunker codes. A total of six of these bunkers may be unlocked using access codes. Five bunkers demand the use of a Red Access Card. Bunker 11 requires the most steps to open, and the final Airport Bunker does not require the use of anything to gain entry.

Here are the Warzone pacific bunker codes:

  • Junkyard code – 87624851
  • Kart Racing Track code – 87624851
  • BCH TV Station – 27495810
  • Warzone Farmland code – 49285163
  • Warzone Prison code – 72948531
  • Styor Spomenik code – 60274513

Warzone Red Access Card Bunker Locations

Bunkers with a green light above the door that are locked require a Red Access Card to be opened. Since the Season 2 update has been applied to Warzone, it looks that Red Access Cards are no longer dropping. It is now impossible to get admission to any of these closed bunkers unless you have a Red Access Card in your possession.

Here are the Warzone bunker locations locked behind red access cards:

  • Crash Site
  • East of Karst River Quarry
  • West of Gora Dam
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Zozsni Spomenik

Warzone Season 3 Secret Bunker

A new secret bunker has been discovered beneath the new POI to the east of the Superstore, the Airplane Factory, which is located beneath the Superstore. A deactivated keypad is located beside the door, and it is presumed to be powered at a later time in the season. It is not labeled with a number. It’s quite likely that this will be an easter egg bunker in the same vein as Bunker 11, where you could acquire a weapon blueprint and the nuking of Verdansk was originally teased.

Warzone Bunker Airport

The Airport Bunker was first introduced to Warzone during the Cold War integration of Season One of the game. In contrast to the other 12 Warzone bunker codes, you will not require any special equipment to gain access to the things contained within the stronghold.

In order to get entrance to the Airport Bunker, you must first locate a hole in the airport runway and leap through it. Advanced players can even parachute directly into the bunker, providing them the perfect opportunity to score late-game goodies as soon as they enter the game.

Unfortunately, because of the excellent quality of the loot, it has become a popular destination for hot-dropping teams. In the event that you attempt to break into this bunker at the start of a match, you should be prepared to fend off groups of adversaries.

If you manage to make it out of the bunker alive, there’s a decent possibility you’ll be able to discover a Red Access Card, which will allow you to loot another bunker in the area.


Bunker 11 is by far the most difficult bunker to unlock in Warzone, but the benefits are undeniably worth the difficulty. Apart from gaining access to great riches, you will also be able to acquire the Mud Drauber MP7 blueprint, which is not even available for purchase in the game’s market at the time.

We strongly advise you to read our Bunker 11 Warzone guide, which details every step required to successfully unlock this difficult bunker. This bunker is currently closed off, so it appears that if you didn’t obtain the blueprint here, you won’t be able to access it any longer.

Bunker code for Warzone North and South Boneyard

Scrapyard, located to the west of Boneyard, features two bunkers that require a code to enter. One is near Storage Town in the north, and the other is near the go-kart track in the map’s southwest corner.

Despite the fact that the bunkers are presently closed, the bunker codes were as follows:

  • Warzone Prison Shack bunker code: 97264138
  • North Boneyard code: 87624851
  • South Boneyard code: 97264138

A modest hut may be seen immediately west of the Zordaya Prison Complex. This hut appears nondescript and is inaccessible, although it had a keypad on the door before the bomb incident. If this keypad reappears, enter the code provided below and enter the legendary loot.

Warzone Bunker Locations

The new warzone map above depicts the Warzone bunker locations of all 11 Warzone bunker sites. Recall that bunkers 00, 00-05, 00-06, 09, and 11 are currently closed, leaving just bunkers 01-03, 07-08, and 10 open for business.

However, as part of the Black Ops Cold War tease, bunkers 1, 3, and 10 were transformed into bunkers that could only be opened using Warzone bunker codes. These bunkers, along with the rest of the Bunker code possibilities, are now open by default and provide little more than normal loot.

As a result, the numbers 02, 07, and 08 are plausible bunkers to enter with a red key card in order to obtain additional treasure and cash. If you manage to get your hands on a red keycard, your Warzone bunker codes options are currently limited to the following.

How to open Warzone bunker doors

Warzone Bunkers

The first ten Warzone bunker doors that aren’t related to the bunker 11 puzzle are presented here. These are quite straightforward to obtain once you have reached the first level. Obtaining one of the Warzone red access keycards is the initial step in this procedure.

Warzone red keycard locations

There is no simple solution to this problem because the Warzone red keycards are obtained through a random drop from crates spread throughout the new warzone map. Once you’ve obtained one, though, you can proceed to one of the ten bunker doors marked on the map and open it.

If there is a green light, you will know that it is possible to open it. Lots of valuable stuff may be found within these bunkers, which might aid you in your quest to win the match.

Warzone Stadium Access Code

This location, like Bunker 11, is extremely difficult to enter due to a large number of gamers who can easily derail your mission’s progress. Three keycards, codes from adjacent computers, and a mechanism for deciphering the concealed code are required in order to gain entry to the Stadium Bunker.

In addition, if you manage to obtain entrance to the Stadium Bunker, you’ll be able to uncover a legendary Enigma CR-56 AMAX blueprint, which we’ve already mentioned is quite devastating. All of these methods can be found in our Warzone Stadium access codes guide, which you can find here.

All of the information regarding Warzone bunker codes and Warzone bunker locations are contained within this document. As of right now, it appears like additional bunkers will be introduced to the game at random, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this page for any future developments. It’s possible to find out what the finest Warzone loadout drop is, as well as all of the best Warzone firearms if you haven’t already done so.

Secret Bunker in a Warzone

In Season 3, a subterranean bunker was uncovered beneath the POI to the east of Superstore, the Airplane Factory. It’s not labeled with a number, and there’s a disabled keypad near the entrance, which will probably be powered up later in the season. This is most likely an Easter Egg bunker, similar to Bunker 11, where you may win a weapon called Blueprint and where the nuking of Verdansk was initially hinted at.

Code for bunker at Warzone TV Station

TV Station can be a challenging spot to land, but if you land slightly to the east, you’ll find another shack that used to be secured with a code. You don’t need to enter a code anymore, but if this keypad appears again, here’s the code you previously had to input.

  • Warzone Park bunker code: 27495810
  • TV Station bunker code: 27495810

Finally, when you go past the Styor Spomenik war memorial in Park, you’ll notice a bunker built into the rockface next to a demolished barn. The keypad is now inactive but will most likely reactivate in the following seasons.

The bunker code for Warzone Park is 60274513.

Red Access Card bunkers and sites in war zones

Previously, five of the bunkers could be unlocked with a Red Access Card, which must be in your inventory to be utilized. Red Access cards have been deleted from Warzone Season 3; however, they will almost certainly be reinstated once the bunkers reopen. These uncommon things could only be found in legendary supply boxes, but if you manage to kill an adversary who has previously found one, you’ll be able to grab it and use it yourself if they drop it.

The following bunkers need a Red Access Card:

  • Hills bunker (0)
  • Southern Military (4)
  • Base bunker (5)
  • Salt Mine bunker (6)
  • Prison bunker (9)

How can you get into a warzone bunker without a keypad?

If you wish to access the riches in a bunker without a keypad, you must first find a Red Access Card. These cards are very rare and can only be obtained from legendary crates, with no guarantee of a drop. Obtaining an access card, however, is just half the battle; you must now make it to a bunker alive. This is easier said than done because players will flock to these regions in the hopes of snatching the loot. There’s also the risk of thieves snatching your card before you’ve had a chance to use it. Congratulations on making it safely to the Warzone bunker. Have a good time earning your prizes.

What happened to the Red Access Card?

Sure, you’re aware that Warzone offers some excellent codes for bunkers all across the map, but remember how I stated that some bunkers cannot be accessed with codes and require red access cards? That is correct. The red access cards were no longer available, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t talk about them. These are used to open bunkers that cannot be opened otherwise. These bunkers hold even greater loot and blueprints that are on the rarer side, as they should, so it is preferable that you are looking at all the possibilities that are accessible since it works well, and you are all set once you locate the treasure you want.

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