Best Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store

Why is it sad and stagnant in one eCommerce store, while conversions and development in another? Belivelignly, promoting an online store without a strategy is like going blind. This does not guarantee the result, often leading to financial losses and a waste of time on non-working methods. Magento eCommerce development company can help you form a clear long-term plan of action that helps to avoid such problems. However, from this article, you will learn how to start promoting correctly, in which directions you can move and what you should pay attention to when developing your own strategy for promoting your eCommerce store. Let’s start to figure it out!

Best Strategies to Promote Your Online Store

SEO promotion

SEO is a universal method used by almost every successful e-commerce project. It lays the foundation for getting a steady stream of traffic from various advertising channels, including free leads from search engines. SEO will be especially effective if you start using it while developing a website for an eCommerce store. Optimization at the start allows you to lay down competent functionality and logic of the resource, making it convenient for users. It is also an opportunity to prevent mistakes that worsen the results of promotion in the future. Remember that SEO does not provide instant results. It is a continuous technical improvement of the site with a cumulative effect, thanks to which new buyers regularly come to the site. Usually, the way to the top of search results and the first sales takes 4-6 months. In some niches, the result comes faster or, conversely, longer.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a separate large area of ​​promotion work. Although it is a logical continuation of the strategy for working with SEO promotion. Create interesting and useful content for visitors that attracts potential buyers to your Magento website.

Content is examples of solving practical problems, expert articles, video reviews and interesting notes. Anything that might interest, entertain or help people in your niche. You can publish materials on your website or on other sites to direct traffic to your site. Create content that is original, unique and useful. Otherwise, it makes no sense to invest in it. It is necessary. Copywriters, editors, video content creators, and illustrators can come in handy.

What you should pay attention to:

  • If you publish materials on your online store, wait until they go up in the search and start bringing the traffic.
  • If you publish materials on third-party sites, then, perhaps, the page with the material will move faster. But, there may be less traffic to your site.
  • You can find lots of new opportunities to build backlinks and sites that are accepting guest posts using keyword Submit a Guest Post Technology, by analyzing the links of your competitors.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent method of increasing sales for online stores that already have a loyal audience of at least 10,000 subscribers. It is one of the most profitable marketing tools, capable of generating up to 10% of the total business income. It is aimed at working with existing customers since it is good at stimulating them to repeat purchases. On average, the conversion of promotional emails to a transaction is from 8 to 14%. Email marketing strategy is developed based on research of competitors and target audience, information about the product itself and the nuances of a specific niche. The stages of launching emails include:

  • creating a content plan
  • selection and configuration of the mail service
  • preparation of advertising materials (writing text, design, layout)
  • development and optimization of a mechanism for collecting new contacts using forms on the site
  • setting up and launching mailings
  • analysis of results and preparation of reports
  • the formation of hypotheses for improving performance
  • periodic cleaning of the database from fake and inactive addresses
  • reactivation, which motivates inactive subscribers to visit the online store and make a purchase
  • The results are assessed by the ratio of the number of open messages to those sent, the percentage of clicks on clickable elements in the mailing list, deliverability, and unsubscriptions.

The PPC advertising model is able to provide the site with potential customers almost immediately after the launch of the online store and the purchase of the first batch of goods. This is its main difference from SEO, which requires a lot of time to implement.

To get more value from this tool, it is important not to miss the preparatory stage, at which the advertising budget is determined and the sales funnel is built. This will make the most of the available resources.

Start your promotion with methods aimed at “warm” and “hot” target audiences. It is much easier and cheaper to attract customers who are already familiar with the company/product and are ready to purchase. It takes more resources and tools to navigate from start to finish.

It is advisable to launch the first advertising campaigns through Google Shopping, Google Search Ads, etc. Contextual advertising is shown to users who enter certain keywords into the search bar. When a customer is looking for a specific product, the likelihood that they will buy it by clicking on a suitable ad banner is quite high.

Social media content

You can work with content not only on a blog but also on social networks. This is also working with content, but with its own characteristics:

  • each publication can have a smaller volume and narrower topics;
  • necessarily a strong visual component;
  • content is adapted to the target audience of a particular site;
  • Most of the users come to social networks to have fun, so your content should be different: useful, selling, but mostly interesting and engaging.
  • Before starting social media pages, think about where your potential customers are most likely to be.

Based on this research, develop a work strategy. Make a content plan, come up with events, prepare a visual design and be ready to actively work with comments. This should be done on a regular basis so that your subscribers are interested, so that the group grows, shares content with other users and gets overgrown with natural traffic.

As your pages grow, you will be able to advertise your products in a free group. It’s best not to overuse it from the start – remember that people will not subscribe to naked ads and will not follow your posts just for the sake of it. Quite the opposite: excessive advertising will scare away users. Therefore, first, take care of the interest and benefits for subscribers, and then everything else. By the way, you can advertise and promote your online store on social networks not only through the store’s account but also in other ways. It’s time to get to know them!


An approximate plan for promoting an online store looks like this:

  • if the Magento site is under construction, start doing SEO in parallel;
  • if you already have an eCommerce store, check the shortcomings and improve the optimization;
  • having laid a high-quality foundation, launch contextual advertising (this can be done immediately after the release);
  • When you have enough loyal customers, increase your sales with emails, remarketing and other marketing tools designed for the lower stages of the sales funnel.

The fastest and most effective results in the promotion are obtained by those who initially draw up a strategy, and then create a website, adjusting to the developed plan. It is also important to select traffic channels with optimal self-sufficiency conditions.

Share your thoughts with us. If there will be any queries, then, let us know. Thanks for reading.

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