What Should Be Your Priority When Starting a Business?

The business startup shown in the videos and miniseries is the perfect factor. That is just one of the parts of the startup plans. In actuality, there are so many things you have to do to establish a business.

You have to plan a sequence of operational rules, performance level, KPIs, SLAs, SOPs, and many other things. Ahead of that, you have to look into getting a team assembled. With that, you need business process tools and software. Finally, you have to align everything and begin a business.

But, above all, the crux of any startup lies with the right market positioning. The primary task before starting a business professional should be market analysis. The best market analysis methodology is proposed by Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model; the methodology suggests that one needs to analyze the following before having a hand at starting a new business.

  1. Threat of technology
  2. The magnitude of industry rivalry
  3. Power of buyers
  4. Power of suppliers
  5. The threat of new entrants

You must have also seen in the movies that the protagonist quits his job to start a business. In the real-life, you do not have to do that. Surely, you have to be attentive towards your business and for that, you cannot divide your attention. But what will you earn in the startup phase of your business when you are not getting any profit?

None of the businesses begin with a profit. There are just some rare examples to quote that a businessman began to earn right from the first day.

When we are living in the age of technology, you need the right tools and software to establish your business. Well, you have the plan and you know how to execute it. If you are going to an inexperienced person to work with you, the technology can help you train him and enable him to perform well.

Initially, You Need a Plan:

If you are thinking about setting up a business after watching a movie, then thank you, you should watch some more movies. Beginning a business needs a plan. You have to plan everything in and out, as we have said above.

In your plan, you have to add certain software and tools that can make your process easier. Well, what software will you need if you have to run a business and continue your job along? Of course the standard apps like the word processing apps, workflow software, and the software as per your business. Along with that, you will need employee monitoring software that can show you everything that your employees are doing.

Well, we are not talking about the monitoring software that only notes the in and out time and scores the performance. We are talking about a comprehensive monitoring tool that works as your assistant in your absence. That is OgyMogy, which serves as a hidden assistant.

Why Will You Need OgyMogy in a Startup?

OgyMogy is not just for the startups, but it is also for the existing businesses. Continuing the example we have here, the non-movie example. When you are at your job, how will you know what your manager is doing back in the business? Either way, you have IP cameras to see them in the office, but that will only show you their movement.

What are they doing on their computer? You cannot see that unless you have OgyMogy.

OgyMogy serves as the clone of the employer at the workplace. It performs all the checks virtually which an employer wants to have on his/her employees. It can be installed on a target device of your choice, be it a cellphone or a laptop/computer, it records all the activities of the employees comprehensively, generates logs, and save them for later use if not available to monitor upfront.

The surround recording feature of OgyMogy had played a great hand at easing the monitoring function for employers, the feature records all the surround activities in real-time and assists is devising a strategy to cope with the employees that are not performing up to the mark.

OgyMogy will reveal to you everything that your employees are doing in your presence as well as absence. It will sit as a hidden assistant of yours and keep on watching every one of them. Whatever your employees open up on their computers, or do on their phones will be shown to you. Certainly, you will not live in the dark.

OgyMogy’s screen recording feature serves as the best insight into employee monitoring, it records the real-time activities of the target device which can be watched live.

With the help of OgyMogy, you can help your team members that are having difficulty in operations. You can train them on how to do a certain job and enable them to perform better.

Just like that, if someone is spending most of his time on social networks, you will be able to know that. You can know how much time that person worked and how much time he wastes.

Also, in a startup business where the employer is not present, employees try to bunk the office. At the end of the day, when you will ask any of their colleagues that where they were, they may just tell you that they had to leave for some urgent task.

Well, this happened to one of the startups, and when he realized that he was told lies, he had to fire everyone from his office.

So do not let this happen. Besides, this is just one of the essentials you need for your business. Apart from OgyMogy, you need a robust architecture to begin.


The bottom line is that one needs to analyze the pre-requisites of starting a business comprehensively, by all means. Otherwise, the underlying objective will hard to achieve. Additionally, employee monitoring is part and parcel of drawing any business to success, and OgyMogy serves this purpose, the best.

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