Best 12 HR Outsourcing Companies For Small Business

Best HR Outsourcing Companies: Where to Find Them Due to the significant increase in organizational efficiency that can be achieved by entrusting business activities to the proper companies, outsourcing has become quite popular.

However, initially,, picking the best Best HR Outsourcing Companies provider for your requirements might be complicated. The world’s largest outsourcing companies, their services, and how your business might profit from them will all be covered in this article to assist you.

What is Human Resources Outsourcing?

The practice of contracting out your human resources duties to a third-party business is known as human resources outsourcing, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Even though a lot of firms can handle their HR needs internally through an HR manager or HR department, some choose to work with skilled outside vendors like HRO services. You may frequently outsource just one or all of your HR operations thanks to the flexibility of Best HR Outsourcing Companies services. Recruitment, benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, and legal compliance are a few HR tasks that are frequently outsourced.

Best HR Outsourcing Companies For Small Business

Checkout top Best HR Outsourcing Companies for business in 2023, take a look please:

1. ADP 


One of the best HR outsourcing companies in the US is ADP. In more than 140 markets throughout the world, they provide outsourcing and HCM services. They also target businesses of all shapes and sizes. They address various issues and requirements for various sectors, such as manufacturing, professional and technical services, construction, financial services, retail, and more.

Two outsourcing alternatives from ADP, Best HR Outsourcing Companies or PEO and co-employment, may be customized to meet your needs. The firm’s services become apparent if you want to give your business strategy and growth plan more consideration.

You may use ADP pros to handle payroll and HR responsibilities properly rather than doing them yourself. ADP has the knowledge and solutions to help you get through your difficulties and doubts.

ADP can assist your business by offering the best payroll and tax practices, locating and recruiting exceptional candidates that are a great fit for the available roles, planning, assessing, and improving your HR strategy, and more.


The prices for ADPO are not listed on its official website. You should speak with a salesperson to get a quote in order to receive more specific price information.

Nevertheless, they provide four distinct bundles, such as:

  • Important Payroll
  • Improved Payroll
  • Complete HR and Payroll
  • Payroll and HR Pro


  • improved operations and results
  • Planning strategically and shrewd analysis
  • Security and simplicity
  • Enhanced gains
  • lower expenses


  • Not the best in terms of customer service.
  • Reports might be made better.

2. Oasis


Oasis should be considered if you’re seeking top-notch HR outsourcing leadership in the US. They provide practically everything you require to improve your performance to the best of your ability.

Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Payroll Administration, Risk Management, the Service Model, and Technology Solutions are just a few of the services that Oasis provides. You can strengthen and expand your business with the aid of all these services.

Only a committed team of professionals that work diligently every day to identify the best solution for human resources difficulties can bring about this accomplishment. The following are some examples of the kinds of businesses that can profit from these resources: architecture, retail, banking, hotels, legal, and more.


On their official website, their prices are hidden. So, you can fill out their consultation form here to get a price on the many services offered.


  • focuses on a variety of sectors
  • provides an adaptable answer to your business’s demands.
  • using the cloud
  • Simple to use
  • smartphone application


  • A minimum of five workers are needed for eligibility.

3. Accenture 


Accenture suggests a full-service HR solution. You may get a customized HR package based on the needs of your business, ranging from strategy and consulting to technology.

The list of sectors the corporation targets is endless and includes plant and mechanical, engineering, automobiles, banks, freight and logistics, hospitality, transportation, high-tech, and the list goes on. Accenture increases performance and starts focusing on bigger agreements because so many sectors may profit from their solutions.

Accenture stands apart from other services since it values innovation in its products. This innovation can help your company create and utilize both new and current values. The organization continues to dominate the outsourcing sector owing to its creative ideas, with several studies demonstrating their real-world results.


The cost of Accenture is hidden on their official website. So, to get a price on the many services offered, get in touch with them immediately at the toll-free number 1 (877) 889-9009 for the United States and Canada.


  • supreme preservation of customer privacy
  • Innovative responses
  • focuses on several sectors
  • competent consultants


  • Possibly more agile

4. Paychex


The best HR outsourcing company for small enterprises is known as Paychex. Their performance is outstanding, and their rates are reasonable. Paychex, which was founded in 1971, is a renowned leader in payroll, human resources, and other fields. The company’s services are consistently excellent because of its unwavering commitment to development and record of successes. This company includes the Best HR Outsourcing Companies in 2023.

Paychex offers a variety of products, including payroll, time and attendance, HR services, PEO, hiring services, employee benefits, business insurance, money management, and more. The organization customizes its services to match your demands based on the size and sector of your business.

Paychex also provides a wealth of useful information that may help you learn about the HR world. You may get information on a variety of subjects, such as compliance, tax, startups,insurance insurance, and more.


Paychex GoSM costs $59 a month. plus $4 per worker. Paychex Sales prices, however, are not shown on the internet, exactly like those of other retailers. Fill out a brief form if you are interested in one of their services, and they will contact you right away. Additionally, you may reach them at 833-729-8200.


  • wealthy resources
  • several services
  • exceptional performance
  • logical and simple-to-use platform
  • Businesses with 1 to 1,000 workers of various sizes are the focus.


  • Reporting might be made better.

5. Insperity 


Insperity has been in business for more than three decades. The organization, which has more than 70 branches around the US, has established its leadership through great services and results.

The business provides both customized services and technological solutions. We may locate recruiting services, insurance services, HR consulting, retirement 401(k), and accounting and bookkeeping under individual services. Insperity specializes in technological solutions for the following areas: organizational charts, performance evaluations, time clocks and staff scheduling, payroll and human resource management, and expense reporting.

Their services are specialized to fit your needs based on the demands of your business. The best professional employer organization for small enterprises is regarded as being this one.

In this respect, Insperity can be useful.

  • decrease risk
  • bolster your team’s leadership
  • Develop a thriving corporate culture.
  • Organizational coherence
  • Encourage performance management strategies.


On its official website, Insperity does not list its prices. You may fill out the form on their website to get more information about price, and they will get back to you within one business day. They may be reached at 855-232-7385 as well.


  • training abundance
  • Ideally suited to small enterprises
  • Important resources
  • professional development
  • logical and simple-to-use platform


  • No live chat assistance

6. Boyden


Boyden is regarded as one of the top businesses in the world for leadership and consulting services. There are three primary parts on their website, each of which highlights a different sort of service. Executive search, interim management, and leadership consulting make up these parts. Boyden has anything ready to meet requestor, requests, depending on your business needs. The focus of leadership consulting is largely on general management and HR advice.

You can be confident that your company will continue to prosper if you work with the correctadvisor advisor who is knowledgeable about corporate culture, business models, and other areas.


Boyden’s official website does not include its prices. You should speak with asalesperson salesperson to get a quote in order to receive more specific price information.

PS: Please find your business on their maps so you may acquire their contact information. There will be information accessible, such as their contact information (phone, email, etc.).


  • profile of high-level professionals
  • Outstanding sources and insights
  • Target a variety ofindustries. industries.
  • global company


  • interim,interim, temporary management

7. Engage PEO 

Engage PEO

When it was first established in 2011, Engage PEO quickly became one of the Best HR Outsourcing Companies in the US. All 50 states are eligible to use their services. By incorporating innovations, models, and best practices into their services, Engage PEO makes sure to satisfy the demands of its clients.

The business has a staff of professionals that are very knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to labor legislation. In addition to providing PEO services, Engage PEO also provides HR services, workers’ compensation and risk management, employee benefits and administration, compliance and training, and integrated technology solutions.

The following is a list of Engage’s best HR outsourcing services:

  • Occupational policies
  • employee handbook
  • Agreement on EEO, ADA, and FMLA
  • Support for hiring and recruitment
  • CheckingChecking your history and testing for drugs
  • Employee mentoring

Visit this page to learn more about the additional services this company provides.


You may get in touch with them directly by calling the Engage Service Center at 888-780-8807 or by using our contact form to leave a message. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST for customer service.


  • a group of professionals (licensed attorneys)
  • Compliance
  • Advanced technology
  • Internet-based platform


  • Eligibility demands 10 or more staff.

8. Zenefits 


The best HR outsourcing company in the US for small enterprises is Zenefits. The business is a bundle. It has all the tools you want for managing and administering HR activities.

Among the characteristics are:

  • offer development
  • newly hired personnel
  • Employer management
  • Management of requests and paid time off
  • analysis and reports
  • Retirements of employees

The synchronization between Benefits, HR, and Payroll is Zenefits’ best feature. You may save time and effort on time-consuming chores thanks to this synchronization.

Running payroll, for instance, required the use of the Time and Scheduling tool between HR and payroll. As a result, the system determines how much each employee is paid every hour.


Zenefits has three basic price tiers, which include:

Each employee will pay $27 a month under Zen’s plan. For firms looking to deliver a superior employee experience and eliminate all HR barriers to workforce potential, this approach is appropriate. Each employee must pay $18 a month toward the development plan. It is the preferred strategy. It is perfect for Best HR Outsourcing Companies trying to increase staff efficiency and manage the difficulties and roadblocks that come with growing their business.

  • $10 per employee per month for the basic plan.
  • You can get pricing information from sales for larger organizations.

Additionally, think about these additions to your fundamental plan:

  • Each employee’s payroll costs $6 per month.
  • Advisory services are $10 a month for each worker.
  • Benefits Administration Through Your Own Broker: $5 Per Employee Per Month


  • logical and simple-to-use platform
  • Completing payroll is simple and uncomplicated.
  • Simple to update
  • HR, payroll, and benefits integration


  • Better customer service

9. TriNet


Trinet offers a comprehensive Best HR Outsourcing Companies. The emphasis typically switches to more crucial concerns while your business is going through a transitional period. Consequently, dealing with administrative HR chores might obstruct progress. With that said, TriNet is the best option to assist you in resolving HR difficulties as an HR solution provider.

The business provides a set of five primary services, including:

  • HR knowledge
  • risk reduction
  • benefits available
  • Payroll solutions
  • electronic platform

You can undoubtedly count on a group of knowledgeable experts to support you along the way when it comes to HR difficulties. Among the features are hiring, best practices for onboarding, informative reporting, efficient decision-making, and more. In terms of risk reduction, TriNet collaborates with a qualified staff that is well-versed in labor and employment laws and compliance.


TriNet’s official website does not include its prices. You should speak with a salesperson to get a quote in order to receive more specific price information. For sales-related questions, you may also reach them directly at 8888746388.


  • unparalleled skill
  • Integrated technologies
  • Various industry targets
  • Ideally suited to small enterprises


  • The mobile app can be made better.

10. G&A Partners

G&A Partners

Since its founding in 2000, G&A Partners has provided businesses with licensed services. The business offers full-service HR outsourcing, which includes HR Management, Workplace Safety, Payroll Administration, Health Insurance and Benefits, and HR Technology.

The organization gives you two alternative plans based on your business calls. In the initial , they will have authority over your HR departments using the initial plan’s full-service functions. In this situation, you may also choose the services you require based on the decisions made by their administrative organization.

According to your demands, you can employ their services in part under the second-choice plan. In the second scenario, you are more likely to already have internal staff working on various HR duties and want some direction, advice, or help in relation to some of the less beneficial tasks.

In conclusion, you should take into account G&A services if you’re seeking a supplier that can assist you in refocusing on your primary business. The business continues to cherish and care for its employees and the corporate culture of any organization since it was founded on the notion of recognizing the importance of people.


You may get information about this provider’s pricing plans by contacting their business adviser and completing a brief form. The form is available here. You may all contact them directly at 866-927-6203 withh any questions.


  • The size of the business (geared toward Best HR Outsourcing Companies with more individualized support).
  • e-learning materials
  • Optional assignment and tracking
  • Targets include the healthcare, manufacturing, franchise, nonprofit, and professional service industries.


  • No mobile application

11. Aon Hewitt 

Aon Hewitt

Aon is best for huge organizations, but it also consistently provides top-notch services for small to mid-sized corporations.

Aon provides four distinct kinds of solutions, such as:

a. Risk Management

The business provides consultations and risk-reduction guidance. Additionally, it gives firms tactical options for identifying, evaluating, and managing risks.

b. Reinsurance Alternatives

It provides management strategies that lessen inconsistent behavior.

c. Retirement Alternatives

Aon provides answers to problems relating to human resources, investments, and retirement.

d. Health Services

The business strives to lower health care costs while improving employees’ general welfare.


The price information for Aon Hewitt is not available on their main website. You may fill out the form on their website to get more information about price, and they will get back to you within one business day.


  • ideal for big businesses
  • a reduction in volatility
  • Performance improvement
  • risk mitigation


  • no abundant resources
  • There is no mobile app.

12. MyPeoAgency

This organization contains all you require to run your HR department completely or in part in the best manner possible. The business focuses on providing three major services: professional employer organization, outsourcing of human resources, and outsourcing of administrative services. You can contact the appropriate services based on your business’s needs.

Here are some of the Best HR Outsourcing Companies services this firm provides:

  • Employer Selection
  • Payroll
  • Benefits Management
  • Services for insurance and investigation

These services are perfect for firms that want to continue running their vital HR activities while outsourcing the unproductive ones.


MyPeoAgency’s official website does not disclose any pricing information, much like all the other services on his list. You may contact them by filling out a simple form with your sales inquiries. Alternatively, you may reach them by phone at (877) 736-2873 or through email at [email protected].


  • simple and user-friendly platform
  • Simple to use
  • basic HR procedures
  • The best option for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Modern HRIS


  • Resources and analysis have to be provided.
  • There is no mention of the targeted business sectors.

Bottom Line

The Best HR Outsourcing Companies provider that best suits your business’s requirements is the best option. Whether you decide to engage with a consultant or handle HR yourself using excellent software, HR outsourcing is far less expensive for a small business than hiring a full-time HR professional. A full-time HR staff may not even be required until your business has between 100 and 200 employees (unless you operate in a unionized industry, have quick development planned, or frequently run into labor law concerns).

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