Top 20 Cool Websites to Visit for when you’re bored 2022

The Internet is one of the best places to kill your time. It provides a website archive that can help you kill when you want. However, people still spend most of their time on interesting sites popular cool websites just watching funny videos.

You can become an explorer sitting in your armchair if you decide to find hidden gems within the online world. We love to do that. In my treasure hunt, we have seen some of the best fun websites and most exciting cool websites to visit and share with you guys.

So, all day long, stop visiting random websites and check out these interesting sites top 20 fun websites and exciting reddit cool websites, which will help you kill your time, and who knows, you might learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Top 20 Cool Websites & Interesting Websites for 2022

In this article you will find top 20 best cool websites to visit updated in 2022 and enjoying HD streaming with cool websites for when you’re bored, lets start take a look below:

1. Little Alchemy 2

This is a sweet little time killer. As its name suggests, a website works through the process of change you gain when you start mixing up various things. It begins with the earth, fire, water, and air. The goal is to create as many different items or things as possible.

For example, the world and the air will form dust. There are no rules to just mix and match your creations to create new ones. You will never know where your time has gone. This site is included in the best cool websites for when you’re bored and want something interesting.

2. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a cool website that tells you hidden stories after world-famous events. Cover everything from science to history to technology to pop culture. Prepare your mind to breathe by learning interesting facts and invisible things behind things you think you already know. This site is included in the best cool websites for when you’re bored and want something interesting.

3. Vsauce

Vsauce is one of the few online websites that make reading fun and enjoyable. Whenever you have a little leisure time and look for ways to pass it on, refer to the website to learn exciting things and concepts such as unlimited cash disputes, a game you win by losing, a ringtone problem, and more. And if none of those things make sense, you should visit a website.

4. A Good Movie To Watch

We all know how hard it can be to find a good movie to watch. It happens to me all the time, and I always have to watch a few of the same films repeatedly. This website is a blessing for people like me. They have a list of the most selected movies to choose from by genre, mood, or random. The best part about this website is that they highlight movies that, for some reason, don’t please the media but a perfect watch. I’ve found more films here than anywhere else.


Continuing from the movie title, if you are a person who is frustrated with a large number of movies in any catalog, and you can’t decide what to watch, this is if it is for you. The website hosts 30 films at a time. One movie is added and deleted daily. This gives you a very selective and minimal list of options to easily choose from. The movie stays on the website for 30 days from the date of upload, actually giving you the same amount of time to watch that movie before it is removed. Great website, movie lover is a must-visit.

6. The Moth

If you like storytelling art, you will love this website. This website contains real-life stories told by people themselves. It also has a podcast containing all the stories told around the world in Moth sections. This is the news of your ears. This site is included in the best cool websites for when you’re bored and want something interesting.


The website contains funny jokes about romance, statistics, and language. He laughs so that his eyes fill with tears. If you like math, you will especially enjoy this.

8. The Odd 1s Out

Another hilarious comedy website. Comedy jokes about everyday life questions and just funny things. They also have a compatible YouTube channel if you are interested. This site is include in best cool websites for when you’re bored and want something interesting.

9. BoredPanda

The website deals with all the jokes in the online world. The site is very focused on the complex content of the listicle. These articles are entertaining to read. Panda may be boring, but you will never be.

10. Cracked

Another similar website that works best for funny listicle content. The site uses many freelance writers to ensure that you never run out of humorous content. This will break you down.

11. Clever Bot

What do you think about people talking to robots? When you are bored? This is what Clever Bot can do with a simple website. You can speak to Clever Bot just like you talk to a real person. Personally, this is my favorite, and Clever Bot is getting better, thanks to the UI’s power. The bot is actually exciting and gives you excellent answers to your questions. After all, it’s a great way to kill boredom, because you can ask almost everything in it and there’s always an answer. Also, there are many conversations you can have about a bot.

12. OMGFacts

Are you excited about the new facts? It would be best to look at OMGFacts, which is a great platform to find out more scientific facts and recent developments. The website has an effortless design and offers a wide variety of content, from standard to scrap-type writing. For someone looking for science and knowledge, OMGFacts would be a great place to eliminate your boredom. If you are interested, there is an option to submit facts you know so that they can enrich the collection. Points can help you grow your knowledge too.

13. What Should I Read Next

This website is not a waste of time, but it is fun for someone who loves to read. Have you ever been to circumstances where you could not find the next big book to read? What Should I Learn Next fixes that with one click? Because of the incredible detail and the accompanying details of books and authors, the site can suggest some of the best books that appeal to you next. So, let’s say you liked the latest Booker Award-winning book. Just type a word, select a letter from the list, And What to Read Next will tell you what to read next.

14. TED-Ed

ted-ed – the most interesting website in the world. Would you like to get some information for free? Of course, you should visit TED-Ed, which is a great learning platform. You can find many lessons in TED-Ed that break down the various concepts of science, literature, art, politics, etc. Just select a subject and begin with learning. Every lesson is a few minutes long, and because of the appropriate classification, you will get the best of your choice quickly. If you haven’t seen it yet, TED-Ed is a TED step.

15. Akinator

akinators – great sites to visit Akinator is a great website that not only kills your time but also demonstrates some AI power. Akinator’s task is simple: you can think of the person – character, dead or alive, whatever you choose – in your mind and start answering the questions asked by Akinator. Before you start, however, it will ask your name and age, however. In most cases, Akinator guesses what you think, and even if not, the website is really fun. Most people do not believe this at first glance, but simply checking out a website will tell you how powerful Akinator is.

16. Mental Floss

Have you ever wondered how your loved ones get into this position? Or do you want to know how the world has made so much progress with so many people? Mental Floss is your platform for knowledge and learning that enhances your thinking. Just go to their website and find the topic you are interested in, and you will be able to start reading content that enhances the knowledge you have. In most cases, Mental Floss gives you a new version or a new view of the viewing history and repositories of the people you choose. It’s a good time to kill time, for sure.


Would you like to get beautiful and popular GIFs from around the world? GIPHY is one place you should visit every day. You will love how often the content is updated by users, and you can easily find a GIF downloaded to your computer. If you want to share it with someone else, you can copy the link again. For anyone who loves GIFs with those crispy tags and dynamic insides, GIPHY is one of the best. It’s completely free, and the website also hosts stickers and GIFs from some artists. It’s a great place for GIF collections.

18. 9GAG

9GAG has been a favorite of Internet users for a very long time. Another community-based platform for finding fun and funny content, you may encounter NSFW content on the platform if you do not sit within limits. For anyone who loves that little bit of fun and viral content, 9GAG is one of the best sites to keep in the bookmarks bar.

It is not related to the website. However, there are authentic apps available for Android and iOS if you want to view GIFs and videos easily from your computer. At the end of the day, 9GAG provides everything you need to have fun.

19. Pixel Thoughts

Are you completely stressed out on a bad day at work, or is there something else that worries you? The website, Pixel Thoughts can give you a good feeling by taking you to a 60-second meditation session. Time looks simple but effective, thanks to the use of excellent music schools and good visibility. In a short time, Pixel Thoughts can show you how important your problems are and how you can overcome them all. My favorite, this website is a treasure that you should keep in the list of interesting and useful things.

20. Forgotify

Do you like to find great music through fortifying? Okay, here’s the problem. Not all major artists are popular when it comes to a large site like Spotify, and you may miss some of them. Forgotify is a great effort to bring such great but unknown artists to the light. The next time you want to find a song that will quench your thirst for music, Forgotify will help you. To get you started, it gives you a list of the best songs that have been forgotten but rediscovered by the team. This website has been approved by a number of media giants such as TIME and the BBC.


Next time whenever you get a free minute, do not waste it on watching the same thing again and again. Move away from popular websites and visit these interesting cool websites instead.

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