How To Climb In Gang Beasts for PC, PS4, & Xbox One

Is gang beasts cross platform? You’ll frequently have to climb in order to get through some stages or to approach adversaries from a distance. In this Gang Beasts, this is a kind of maneuver that takes some time to do right.

The original “jiggly physics nonsense party game” is Gang Beasts, and to be honest, we suggest beginning there before tackling any of its successors. There’s something inherently funny in the original. However, even though the game has greater control over your destiny, Gang Beasts is also somewhat of a fighting game with rounds to win.

Players must climb in Gang Beasts, a ragdoll combat to the death, if they hope to survive elimination. But because of the controls’ nature, this might be difficult, and you could believe you’re not doing it correctly. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of climbing in Gang Beasts on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

How To Climb In Gang Beasts on Xbox?

Is gang beasts cross platform

In Gang Beasts, climbing may be a game-changer, enabling you to maneuver through challenging circumstances and outwit your adversaries. And to climb using your Xbox One controller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Understand your buttons

  • You must know which buttons to press before you begin climbing.
  • There are several buttons on your Xbox One controller.
  • You must press the RB (right bumper) button first.
  • Secondly, the LB (left bumper) button will be utilized.
  • Lastly, you will have to push the A button.
  • Your Gang Beasts climbing key is these buttons.

Step 2: Press the appropriate buttons

  • You must simultaneously depress the RB and LB buttons in order to begin rising.
  • Your character will begin to climb after performing this action.

Step 3: Include a Leap

  • You can help your character climb higher once they’re holding on.
  • Press the A button while maintaining your grip on the RB and LB buttons.
  • While grabbing onto an opponent, your character leaps.
  • At first, climbing in Gang Beasts might be a little challenging, but with little effort, you’ll quickly be ascending buildings.

How to Climb in Gang Beasts ps4?



Step 1: Climb

  • R1, L1, and X are the commands and steps to climb with a PS4 controller.
  • First, depress the appropriate buttons.
  • You have to simultaneously hold down the R1 and L1 buttons to have your character climb.

Step 2: Leap

  • Use the X button if you want to climb higher or pull yourself up while hanging on.
  • Press the X button while keeping your hands on the R1 and L1 keys.
  • Your character will execute a climbing jump as a result.

How to Climb in Gang Beasts on PC?

Step 1: Climb

The Left Mouse Button (LMB), the Right Mouse Button (RMB), and the Space Bar are the controls to climb on your computer.

  • First, depress the appropriate buttons.
  • It is necessary to simultaneously press and hold the LMB and RMB.

Step 2: Leap

Press and hold the SpaceBar button while continuing to depress the LMB and RMB keys.
Your character will be able to jump thanks to this move.

Gang Beasts Scaling Barriers

is gang beasts cross platform

Gang Beasts, as you may know, is all about snatching items. Weapons, ledges, and other players Not you, however. Is gang beasts cross platform? That’d be strange. In any case, the fundamental controls include headbutting, jumping, kicking, and grasping with both hands. For this article, we’ll utilize Xbox controllers, so you can assume that the relative locations will be the same on different platforms.

A ledge requires you to jump and hold onto it with both hands in order to climb up. Press jump again if you need to climb better since the ledge is higher. Sometimes you can’t just jump back over whatever you’re climbing, so you’ll also need to sort of vault over the ledge to get back. In that scenario, when your gelatinous gladiator attempts to leap, you must hold the kick, push the headbutt, and then target your legs with the stick while still grasping. Depending on the circumstances, you can perform a few distinct climbing techniques in Gang Beasts.


To keep your flailing figure in the action and ascend a ledge, perform a standard climb. To accomplish this, perform the subsequent button combinations:

  • PS4: Hold R1 + L1 + X
  • PC: Hold LMB + RMB + Hold Space Bar
  • XBox One: Hold RB + LB + A

Jumping Climb:

This technique is a good option if you need to scale a wall or other tall object that the standard climb just can’t get you up. To do this, you must jump when your character is grasping a wall.

  • PS4: Hold R1 + L1 + double-tap X
  • PC: Double-tap Space Bar + LMB + RMB
  • XBox One: Grab RB + LB + double-tap A

Lifting Up Your Legs

It is all well and good to have your Gang Beast scrambling up a surface, but in order to properly return to the action and escape elimination, you’ll need to lift their legs up and over the ledge once you reach the top.

You must simultaneously hit the controls for headbutting and kicking in addition to your grasp in order to do this. You may see a clarification of this below.

  • PS4: Hold square + circle + R1 + L1.
  • PC: LMB + RMB + Ctrl + Hold Space Bar
  • Xbox One: Hold RB + LB + Hold X + B

Then, to move your character’s legs in the desired direction, you’ll need to utilize WASD on a PC or the left analog stick on an Xbox One or PS4. For the greatest effect, you should ideally swing them to one side of your character.

That is all the information you require to climb in Gang Beasts. See more of our coverage below for more hints, techniques, and how-tos.

3 Tricks to Climb Quicker in Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

You roll over in the morning and idly reach out to take your PS4 controller off the nightstand. “I really need to learn how to get up faster in this game,” you think to yourself as you sit up and yawn while playing Gang Beasts. Is gang beasts cross platform? It might be challenging to go up quicker in Gang Beasts, particularly if you’re new to the game.

  • Make sure you’re using the appropriate control scheme first. The options menu of the game contains the default control scheme.
  • Second, practice standing up from various angles.
  • Gaining more experience can help you become more adept at standing up fast.

Headbutt Technique Gang Beasts

Press circle on a PlayStation, B on an Xbox, Ctrl on a PC, or A on a Switch to execute a headbutt. You can see how to execute more difficult headbutts here. Knockout Headbutt: To perform a knockout headbutt, you must be able to hold your opponent’s shoulders with both hands at once or one limb at a time (L1+R1). Press headbutt (O) until they are completely unconscious after you have their shoulders in your grasp with both hands.

  • PlayStation: grasp their shoulders with L1 and R1.
  • Xbox: grasp their shoulders with LB+RB, B
  • PC: Click left and right to seize their shoulders. Hold
  • Change: grasp their shoulders with L and R, A

You can stand behind them or grab them from the front. The technique that all Gang Beasts want to use is the knockout headbutt, which allows you plenty of time to grab and throw any opponent, although it does need precise timing to execute.


How precisely do you access the computer’s top panel?

In order to utilize the grab function on a Windows PC, you must first press and hold the shift key on your keyboard before attaching yourself to the wall by pressing the spacebar key. You can continue forward motion by hitting the letter “W” or any other key that is designated for your progress.

Can you use a PC to play Hill Climb?

Playable on iPhones, Android cellphones, and Windows PCs, Hill Climb Racing (HCR) is a free video game. There is a wide variety of cars accessible, and the game is simple to pick up and play.

Does PC support Hill Climb 2?

On your own computer or mobile device, you can also play Hill Climb Racing 2 in the browser without needing to download it.

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