What Is Discord Nitro Free And Is It Worth It?

Are you thinking about signing up for Discord Nitro? You can find out if Discord Nitro free is a worthwhile investment for you by reading our comprehensive guide here. Nitro Discord free is a paid service that offers users more features and perks.

However, given that utilising Discord is free, is it really worth the money? We spent some time getting to know Free Discord Nitro and discovering all of its benefits in order to get an answer to that question. This post will talk about the pros and cons of this premium service, which should help you make an informed decision.

Discord Nitro is a monthly membership service that enables you to enhance your entire Discord experience. It grants you access to new functions and potent tools that let you improve and level up your Discord experience. Some individuals, however, do not think that the added capabilities are worth the $9.99 per month that Discord is charging them.

They assert that Discord is avaricious and taking advantage of them. However, other individuals gladly pay the monthly charge and claim that the numerous extra features they receive make it well worth it. Which one is it, then? Today, we learn. Discover what Discord Nitro is and if it is worth it by reading on.

Discord Nitro: What is it?

The premium Discord membership service is called Discord Nitro. More intriguing features are available through Discord in return for a monthly membership charge. The majority of these features are exclusive to your account and improve your own Discord experience. If you want to make server-wide changes, you have to use server boosts to unlock more features.

Discord Nitro comes in two variations: Nitro Classic and Nitro are these. Although Nitro Classic is less expensive than Nitro, it offers fewer features and advantages. The entire and full-featured version of the monthly membership plan is Nitro.

Discord Nitro

Features & Advantages:

1. Personalized Discord Emojis and Stickers

Better and personalised Discord Emojis and Stickers are available in Discord Nitro. The first feature is the universal use of server-specific emojis and animated GIF emojis. You also have access to more than 300 stickers that can only be used with Nitro. You can use any available sticker on any server or chat.

Simply said, this enables you to access and utilise the innumerable unique emoticons and stickers from all the servers you are a part of. More importantly, it’s about utilising stickers and emoticons without restriction.

Enhancements to Customized Profiles

You may add a few more profile modifications if you subscribe to Discord Nitro. This features customised tags, animated PFPS, server-specific profiles, and profile banners. And that’s without even mentioning the unique Nitro badge you may add to your profile. You can only build and customise your Discord profile for a single server using the server profile function. To finish the set, you can use different Discord names, personalised PFPs, banners, and bios for each of your servers.

2. Sharing an HD video’s background and screen

Discord offers various built-in screen-sharing tools that let you show your buddies gaming and other content. For non-Nitro users, the quality is restricted to 720p at 30 frames per second. You can watch HD videos at 1080p 60FPS with Nitro if you subscribe, making for a smoother and better streaming experience. Additionally, Discord allows you to make video calls. They now have a few amusing little video backdrops. If you have Nitro, though, you can submit some unique ones. You may now enjoy your video calls at a whole new level thanks to this.

3. Server Upgrades

The first two server boosts are free when you sign up with Discord Nitro. These boosters normally cost $4.99 a month, but you receive them for nothing. Once deployed on servers, these boosts assist in enabling server-specific functionality for all players. Additionally, if you purchase more server boosts, you receive a 30% discount. This could only be significant to those who operate Discord groups or own Discord servers.

4. Discord Nitro’s additional features

Aside from everything described above, you also get access to greater maximum server numbers, lengthier messages (4000 characters), and larger file upload constraints (100 MB) (200). Not everyone needs these extra functions, but they are unquestionably great extra things to have.

How Much Does Discord Nitro Cost?

The price of any subscription service is the first thing that the majority of consumers consider. The monthly cost of a Discord Nitro membership is $9.99. The annual cost is $99.99, saving around 15%. This cost is comparable to that of other subscription-based platforms, games, and applications. The average cost of them all is roughly $10, so Discord is not very pricey.

Nitro Discord Perks

We must examine the advantages in further detail in order to decide whether or not spending $10 each month is worth it.

All of the benefits of Nitro are listed below:

  • 60 FPS HD streaming.
  • 4000 characters are now allowed in messages.
  • individual profile badge.
  • two server upgrades and a 30% discount on all upgrades (while Nitro is active).
  • increasing the maximum upload size to 100MB (compared to 8MB).
  • Connect to 200 servers at once.
  • broad-profile personalization.
  • Obtain access to animated avatars, profile banners, and a custom tag.
  • access to hundreds of stickers that are only available through Nitro.
  • Get a personalised profile badge to highlight your subscription.


Discord Nitro appears to be worth it overall. Of course, there’s really no need to spend $10 every 30 days if you can’t see yourself enjoying any of these benefits. Everyone will, however, enjoy your full HD and 60 FPS feeds if you regularly stream them to your buddies (or other server users). You won’t be limited to an 8MB upload size either.

The additional benefits put more of an emphasis on profile personalization than on better accessibility, which may not be very significant to most users. In any event, we continue to believe that this membership might be a wise purchase, particularly for those who often use Discord. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider downloading Discord Nitro for free to try it out. As an alternative, consider upgrading one of your servers to take advantage of Nitro-like capabilities.

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