Marketer Magic Reviews: Is It the Best Software for Marketers?

Marketer Magic is a collection of tools used by elite marketers to consolidate and expand their businesses. Gone are the days when running a digital marketing business required 100 different apps and subscriptions. Most Affordably Priced, Most Intuitive, Most Powerful Tools, all in One Place — Designed by Marketers FOR Marketers!

Is it welcoming to new Marketers?

Marketer Magic was created to be simple enough for a complete beginner to pick up and powerful enough to blow a seasoned veteran away. We also have an exclusive free training series called ‘Marketer University,’ taught by an 8-Figure Digital Marketer and is included in your free trial!

For Whom Is Marketer Magic Intended?

Digital marketing experts, content marketers, social media marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, marketing companies, SEOs, and digital product makers will benefit significantly from Marketer Magic.

What distinguishes the features?

It’s a marketing tool for marketers developed by marketers. After testing out the tools and videos, I decided to sign up to see what exciting features it has to offer.

Marketer Magic is software that Kevin David has been working in his own company to make millions, so I signed up to see what exciting features it has to offer. I was entirely taken aback. The tools are simple to use, and the dashboard is both attractive and functional.

Marketer Magic” is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to do more with less effort.

With features like:

  • Getting Marketing Leads With ManyLeads
  • Marketer Magic’s Email Verifier
  • MiniMe – Kevin David’s Connection Shortener
  • ClickProof for Social Proof
  • Using The ManyLeads Email Template
  • Using Chatbots With MarketerMagic and more, Marketer Magic will double your revenue, double your productivity, and make your life so much easier and better.
  • Marketer Magic is a tool that helps you generate more leads, develop your company, and spend less time tracking them.

University of Marketers

There are tutorials in the kind of video in this segment of marketer magic. There are nine complete video tutorials available, and this is the first thing you should watch because it is worth $497, and you get it for free. Not only that, but it disappears from your dashboard 48 hours after you sign up, so you must know the features and fully appreciate the product before using it.

Kevin David covers all of MarketerMagic in one hour, so it’s not boring to watch the whole thing because you’ll learn a lot about the tool, and you’ll also get a pleasant surprise, which I won’t reveal right now because I want to keep it a surprise for you.

What tools are used in Marketer Magic?

Some of Marketer Magic’s remarkable features include:

The proof 

Click proof is a social proof app that concedes real people to submit actual proof to be added to your accounts. It’s cool because other people showing interest in buying immediately aligns with the buying process. All you have to do is add the page URL to the Marketer magic dashboard, create the widget, fix the code on your page, and name the button that the device pops up “confirmed Instagram account” it appears as verified in IG. This feature displays real-time customer behavior, including transactions and other details.

Picture of the Day

You can use a live photo to personalize your email campaigns. It allows you to live-append client names to make it seem as if the emails are personalized. It interacts with the potential customer and makes it feel more human.

Marketers have increased the effectiveness of email campaigns tenfold by customizing their photos. It might seem easy, but it can yield significant results. Edit the templates, and you’ll have a personalized email in no time.

Verifier for Emails

Fake email issues are real, and every digital marketer is aware of them. To your rescue, Marketer Magic has created an email verifier. You can use an email verifier to root out fraudulent emails. There are a few ways to do this with an email verifier. The first is to clean your list regularly by removing emails via a list upload, which will give you a checked list in return.


Is a function that allows you to keep track of any company and how well it operates. You can see how workers work, how involved they are, and how much your payout. It can even automatically screen capture every employee screen at a certain time period to let you know whether they are working or pretending to work.

You can monitor payments, salaries, working hours, and more. The best thing is that you can add or invite people, allowing you to manage who works on which project. Work hub allows you to have several projects open at the same time.

Several Leads

The most exciting feature all these days is that if you want to find local businesses to whom you might provide service, you have to Google it and open all the websites, search for contact information, access their social media, or try to reach out to them in some way and wait for a response, which is a time-consuming process. Now, with this feature of marketer magic, all you have to do is select a keyword that is local.

Pricing for Marketer Magic and a Free Trial


  • As you might already be aware, Marketer Magic is a feature-rich marketing platform designed specifically for digital marketers. Its pricing structure, in my view, is also very fair.
  • It comes with a 7-day free trial that gives you full access to all of its services.
  • After that, you can choose to enroll in one of the paid plans.
  • The various MarketerMagic pricing plans are listed below.
  • As you can see, their most common plan includes 500k monthly searches for ClickProof, 500K monthly impressions for LivePic, 500K monthly clicks for all MiniMe features combined, 750 monthly searches for ManyLeads, 100 email verifications for Email verifier, and up to 5 users in WorkHub for $47 per month.
  • If you prefer annual billing, the price drops to $37 a month, saving you $120 over the course of the year.
  • In WorkHub, I would have liked to see more email verifications and users.
  • Aside from that, the price seems to be reasonable for the value given.


I run a social media marketing agency and have personally tested this program. I was skeptical at first and only tried the Free Trial, but let me tell you, this software is truly designed for any marketer! I primarily use this program for three functions: MiniMe, WorkHub, and, of course, many leads.

It’s incredible how much one piece of software will increase my earnings! I used to have a hard time finding new leads (other than those suggested by my previous client), but Marketer Magic has made it a lot easier for me to find new leads, and it also has other features to help me manage the freelancers that I recruited from all over the world!
So, even if you’re a new marketer, you can try this app, and I guarantee that if you put in the effort, you’ll get your first lead or more in as little as seven days!

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